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Double sided tape
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We have always used this industrial adhesive tape for our self-adhesive sensors - and are so satisfied that we now want to offer it to you as a rollware (3m).
With this transparent adhesive tape, surface-mounted LED spotlights can easily be attached to the staircase, or LED stripaluminium-rails securely under the step. What makes this tape so special?
1. By its softness, it combines with the surface, instead of merely superficially sticking to it.
2. It is immediately loadable, conventional adhesive tapes have to set up for up to 48 hours.
3. After a very long time, it is quick, easy and without residue to remove without damaging tiles or wallpaper.
4. Suitable for almost all materials (wood, metal, PVC, styrofoam, plaster, tiles ...).
  • 3m industrial adhesive tape