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Surface-mount LED-spotlight (60mm, 0,4W)
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Our recessed "SKOFF" LED-spotlights - perfectly suitable for stairs and hallways.

The only 60x60mm small spotlight is intended for surface mounting in stairs and corridors. With its directed light, it provides elegant and glare-free lighting. The spotlight is available in the light colors "warm white" or "white".

Our tip: This LED spotlight can be glued directly onto the staircase - only a small hole in the cheek is required for the connection cable. In the case of new wooden stairs, the connection cables can often be laid completely invisibly in a cable duct milled in on the rear side. For the fastening we recommend our indusetry adhesive tape offered in the shop. This guarantees an optimal hold on the staircases and can still be removed without residue.

The spotlight is available in the following designs:SKOFF-LED-Strahler in der Übersicht

These 10V-spots are compatible with all of our LED-controllers. For operation a "19W power supply (10V)" is required. 

Technical data:

  • Size: 60x60mm
  • Height: 10mm
  • Voltage: 10V 
  • Wattage: 0.4W