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100 cm LED-Strip rail (8 mm height)
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The aluminum profile is embedded in the lower side of the step or mounted onto it.It permits the safe, protected installation of the LED strip. The opal acrylic glass cover also helps to distribute the light optimally and avoids the "raw electrics".

In addition, the aluminum profile serves to cool the LEDs, which has a positive effect on the lifetime of the light-emitting diodes. Especially for wooden stairs, we recommend the use of an aluminum profile.

Our optional industrial adhesive tape is ideally suited for assembly: on even surfaces 10 to 15 cm are sufficient for a secure and permanent fastening.

The exact size of the profile is 16.9 x 8.0 x 1000 mm including cover. We recommend that you take the measurements on site when milling the profile and for possible production tolerances.


  • 100 cm Aluminum profile for LED strips incl. Acrylic cover (without LED strip)