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Automatic LED-Stair-light - Controller kit
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This control module allows you to activate your LED stair lighting automatically, and is comparable in its function to a motion detector. Using two sensors, the control module detects usage of the staircase and activates the LED stair lights step by step (LED spotlights not included). For doing this, the sensors neither need a reflector nor a transmitter and receiver unit on the other side of the staircase – therefore, the usage of the controller with staircases open to one side is no problem. After leaving the staircase, the spotlights gradually dim. The result is not only appealing, but also energy efficient. An optional light-sensor deactivates the system automation and ambient lighting channels, providing further energy savings. Above all, the LED stair lights improve safety in dark environments.
The control module "Home" includes an appropriate 12V/60W or 10V/16W power supply and a pair of IR-sensors within aluminium sensor covers. You just need to add you favorite LED-spots or LED-strips, everything else to get you started is included in this set.
Quality "Made in Germany" with a 3 year warranty.

Easy to install - impressive result!

Further informations about this control module, the functions and the specifications can be found on the controller "Home" infopage and in the FAQs.


Content of delivery

Content of delivery:
Optional accessory: Additionaly required:
  • Controller "Home 2016"
  • Two IR-sensors (see below)
  • Sensor-cable (10 m)
  • One power supply (12V/60W or 10V/16W)
  • Manual (DE, EN, FR)
All LEDs in our shop are tested for compatibility to the controller "Home".

Including two high-tech infrared-sensors

Aluminium, 60 mm
Black, 73 mm
(for 60mm switch boxes)
White, 73 mm
(for 60mm switch boxes)

One power-supply

19W power supply (10V) 60W DIN-rail (12V/24V)