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Automatic LED-Stair-light
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Automatic LED-Stair-light - "Advanced 4020"

Due to consistent enhancement and our wish to respond to the demands of our customers the “Advanced 4020” series of the automatic LED-stair-light controller was developed.

For the development of the controller both our long-standing experience in the area of automatic stair lights and the numerous positive feedback from our customers were important factors. Our newest product of the advanced-series now offers optimal performance as well as the basic functions that are most frequently requested by our customers. As an example the lighting of the first and last step of the staircase can be mentioned – and all of this to a very special price-performance ratio.

The controller’s 20 LED channels enable even the lighting of long staircases that can be found in old buildings with high ceilings. With a switching power of 500mA per channel the operation of LED-strips with a length of up to 120 cm for each step is easily possible. Besides this, the controller of course is protected against short circuits and overload. With a dielectric strength of up to 24V the compatibility of the controller with other household installations and 24V-LED spotlights is ensured.

The DIN 43880 housing is designed to fit into the distribution board at your home. Another highlight is the controller’s modular construction: this makes it easy and cost-efficient to add further modules to the system and allows almost limitless extension. Therefore, also future innovations can be connected to the controller without any problems and your lighting system always stays up to date without changing the whole device.

Quality "Made in Germany" with a 3 year warranty.

Easy to install - impressive result!

Further informations about this control module, the functions and the specifications can be found on the controller "Advanced 4020" infopage and in the FAQs.

Content of delivery

Content of delivery:
Optional accessory: Additionaly required:
  • Controller "Advanced 4020"
  • Sensor-cable (10 m)
  • Manual 
  • Two IR-sensors and one power supply
  • LED-spotlights or 
  • LED-strips

Including two high-tech infrared-sensors

Aluminium, 60mm
Aluminium, 73 mm 
(for 60 mm switch boxes)
Black, 73 mm
(for 60 mm switch boxes)

White, 73mm
(for 60 mm switch boxes)


One power-supply

19W power supply (10V) 60W DIN-rail (12V/24V)